Cliff Palace and the Ancient Pueblo People

Posted: 19/12/2020 by vequinox in Literature



On the 18th of December 1888, Richard Wetherill, explorer, guide and excavator to-be, along with his friend Charlie Mason, both cowboys from Mancos, found Cliff Palace in Mesa Verde after noticing the ruins from the top of the highland. Cliff Palace is the largest cliff dwelling in North America, its structure built by the Ancient Pueblo People, now taking pride of place in Mesa Verde National Park, their former homeland in southwestern Colorado, U.S.A. Ancestral Pueblo peoples were an ancient Native American culture established in the Four Corners area of the United States: S. Utah, NE. Arizona, N. New Mexico, and SW. Colorado. They lived in a range of structures, including pit houses, stone and adobe dwellings built along cliff walls, constructed with bricks created from sand, clay, and water, with some fibrous or organic material, shaped using frames and dried in the sun. These villages called pueblos…

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