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«Εύχομαι, όταν μια μέρα γίνεις βασιλιάς να είσαι το ίδιο αδιάφορος και απαθής στη γλώσσα της κολακείας, όπως είσαι αδιάφορος κι απαθής στην ομιλία, που ο πατέρας σου με υποχρέωσε να εκφωνήσω τώρα μπροστά σου».

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Posted: 08/06/2023 by vequinox in Literature


During the hour of our music lesson our Übermensch

descended to the basement then He climbed up to

the attic and all this, of course, while He was dressed

for the performance tapping His fingers on the wooden

walls, my mother’s voice, melodic mist of bliss in

my memory; twice He came back disappointed about

the seriousness of our progress, then with an indifferent

mannerism He placed all our past beliefs in the shadow

of history and with a sudden movement He showed us

His ability to taste harmony and each music scale,

the tyrant, our Übermensch, as though he was just

unwrapped from a gift box.

Katerina Anghelaki Rooke – Selected Poems

Posted: 08/06/2023 by vequinox in Literature


                                               For Maria Kyrtzakis 

Don Giovani aroused the desire

To what level? To what level?

Until with each new love its loss

will become the only knowledge.

Sweet, sweet, I yelled

as others yelled, worthy, worthy

though him, drunk from all the shapes

of women he had hugged

pinned me in his collection.

I was the void of his void

for his body a body

that yelled crazy voices

when his soothing silence wrapped around me

and I surrendered to an imbued nostalgia

for the place where Eros was born.

Because if as they say

our desires on their own confirm

the magical place of their fulfilment

then the Desired One

is the only proof

that love was once

nourished in my viscera

like a hyena or a hierophant

when one chance was found

when man dared

to dream that he loses

his face in the present

that he’ll enter like poison,

like a creek, a faint breeze

like blood inside the other man

and that he’ll vanish without

losing or winning anything.

George Seferis – Collected Poems

Posted: 08/06/2023 by vequinox in Literature

In the sea caves

there is thirst there is love

there is ecstasy

all hardened like the conches

you can hold them in your palm.

In the sea caves

for whole days I looked into your eyes

and didn’t know you nor did you know me.

Stop searching for the sea and the waves’ fleece

by pushing caiques

under the sky we are the fishes and

the trees and the seaweed

Ρομάν Ζουέβ, Το σώμα

Posted: 08/06/2023 by vequinox in Literature

To Koskino

Ζούμε μέσα σε κουφάρια αυτοσυντήρησης
Μέχρι να γίνουμε ένα με το χώμα
Μέχρι να ξεχάσουμε τον κόσμο
Μέχρι να νιώσουμε μικροί θεοί
Ζούμε μέσα σε κουφάρια αυτοσυντήρησης
Και ο χρόνος γδέρνει
Με τα λεπτά του
Με τις ώρες του
Με τους μήνες του
Αυτό το κουφάρι που λέγεται σώμα
Ζούμε μέσα σε κουφάρια αυτοσυντήρησης
Αγκαλιάζουμε τη δυσοσμία μας
Προσευχόμαστε για το μέλλον
Ελπίζουμε για έρωτα
Ξεχνάμε τον χρόνο
Και σκοτώνουμε λεπτό προς λεπτό
Αυτό το κουφάρι που λέγεται

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