Nineteen Eighty-Four, A Love Story in Three Acts

Posted: 02/02/2017 by vequinox in Literature

Απολύτως Διαλλακτικός


My thoughts still wander after reading this book. I put a conscious effort to avoid exaggerations, however I will make a bright exception this time, 1984 is the most powerful, astonishing and life-changing book that I have read so far. I dare to say it, not with pride but with a deep emotion of self-retrospect and humility. I had seen the film in my late childhood, what can you expect though from an teenager? As Orwell states it, a text is meaningful insofar you already know what is entails. It was too early to appreciate the concepts, to understand the characters, to connect the reality around with the events described. It’s okay, the seed was planted and given the right moment, I would search for it again.

I distinctly recall claiming that I adore dystopian scenarios. I thought it is kind of fun to foresee a pessimistic outcome of humanity in the distant…

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