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Vortex by Manolis

A new collection of poetry by Manolis titled ‘Vortex’ is hot off the press.

The book is being hailed by critics as ‘remarkable’, ‘exciting’; and, the poems as ‘enacted parables that bridge the gap between the soul and the companion it finds in the flesh.’

Ilya Tourtidis says this about Manolis’s poems in Vortex:

‘In his new collection of poems Manolis scans the vortex and sees in its turbulence and eddies, the clash and tease of love. He reminds us that “words cast no shadows” and that we have “new saints” to protect us, and that behind the “muddy barricades” where we fight our battle with death there is always the desire of the soul to return and linger among “small pebbles” and “sea froth”, and stare at the “brightest star” in the heavens–acknowledging and seeking that which is still “unbound”–still incarnating around it.’

For more information, and to order the book, visit the Vortex page at Libros Libertad:

Some poems from vortex:

Vortex is Manolis’s 18th published work. He has published poetry, novels, and poetry in translation from Greek. View his titles here:

Vortex by Manolis
Paperback 9 x 6 in
149 pages
ISBN: 9781926763163
To order, click below: