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Πέμπτη, 16 Φεβρουαρίου 2012

must say yes

October 26th was the date of the signing of the first memorandum that was to save Greece from bankruptcy and economic disaster. Part of that parcel included a “haircut” on our debt so that we would be able as a nation to cope with payments. The country nearly fell apart under the moral strain of signing everything over to foreign powers in order to achieve this loan. The prime minister resigned and a technocrat banker was appointed in his place. We were promised elections before memorandum number two. A government with a specific objective and timetable. No elections were held, polls show an absolute failure of the present political system, and they have passed memorandum number two. So this coalition government that was to carry out memorandum number one as enforced by the troika has failed on every level. It has not closed a deal on the “haircut” beyond the internal sixty percent. The deal was to have a similar dumping of debt from the private sector. This is only the first double cross. Elections before the passing of memorandum number two is the second double cross. Memorandum number two has passed despite the objection and deletion of nearly forty members of parliament. Two opportunists crossed the floor to support it. So this is slowly turning into a money making proposition for the world and a case of high treason for the Greeks. Deals are struck, laws are passed, money is never transferred, sovereignty is lost and to top it all off Schuable says there is no need for elections. It is ridiculous. It is proof of how wrong and desperate he is. It is proof that this is a process of looting that does not need popular support and will never enjoy it.

 During the last week, and after the signing of memorandum number two, our president, mr. Papoulias, asked “who is this mr. Schauble who feels he can insult my country?”. Along with mr. Glezos, the man who lowered the Nazi flag from the Acropolis the night of the German invasion, and mr. Theodorakis he is the third ww2 hero and member οf parliament to speak up against these memorandums. Like little post-it stickers these memorandums have come into our lives to make the poor poorer and poorer. We are the only country to never receive reparation payments from Germany, we are the only country to never receive repayment of the forced Nazi loans of world war two. The loan, known here as the occupational loan, amounts to all the gold held by the Greek national bank at the time and along with interest would amount to a third of our debt today. The Nazi war machine and blitzkrieg tactics steamrolled through all countries but one during the war. The first to stop and hold the Nazis at the border were the Greeks. The myth of German invincibility ended here. Will it end again or will the Germans, some Germans anyways, exact their revenge?