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SPHINX by Cloe Koutsoubelis

The oracle wasn’t distinct enough or I didn’t understand it.
I hoped, then, I hoped again.
With swollen feet, blind, I started off
Sphinx was at the station waiting for me
desperately I asked the same riddle
while I was asking it turned into stone
to dissolve into dust at the end.

It could not deny me for the second time.

Ο χρησμός δεν ήταν ευκρινής ή εγώ δεν τον κατάλαβα.
Ήλπισα τότε, ήλπισα και πάλι.
Χωρίς μάτια ξεκίνησα και με πρησμένα πόδια
η Σφίγγα ήταν στον σταθμό και με περίμενε
απεγνωσμένα έκανα την ίδια ερώτηση,
ενώ ρωτούσα αυτή πέτρωνε
στο τέλος διαλύθηκε σε σκόνη.

Ούτε κι αυτή άντεξε πάλι να μ’ αρνηθεί.

FROM THE BEGINNING by Alexandra Bakonika
We met after some time
and it was as if we started
from the beginning.
I surveyed your face
and didn’t manage to restrain
my blazing desire
because it awaited your body,
its harmonic junctions, its lines.
I sought its weight.
I sought its rage.

Ύστερα από καιρό συναντηθήκαμε
κι ήταν σαν να ξεκινούσαμε
απ’ την αρχή.
Ανέτρεξα τη μορφή σου
και δεν πρόλαβα ν’ αναχαιτίσω
τον πόθο που φούντωσε,
γιατί περίμενε το σώμα σου,
τ’ αρμονικά δεσίματα και τις γραμμές του.
Γύρεψα το βάρος του,
γύρεψα τη λύσσα του.

~ CLOE and ALEXANDRA, μετάφραση Μανώλη Αλυγιζάκη, Libros Libertad, 2013

Vortex by Manolis

A new collection of poetry by Manolis titled ‘Vortex’ is hot off the press.

The book is being hailed by critics as ‘remarkable’, ‘exciting’; and, the poems as ‘enacted parables that bridge the gap between the soul and the companion it finds in the flesh.’

Ilya Tourtidis says this about Manolis’s poems in Vortex:

‘In his new collection of poems Manolis scans the vortex and sees in its turbulence and eddies, the clash and tease of love. He reminds us that “words cast no shadows” and that we have “new saints” to protect us, and that behind the “muddy barricades” where we fight our battle with death there is always the desire of the soul to return and linger among “small pebbles” and “sea froth”, and stare at the “brightest star” in the heavens–acknowledging and seeking that which is still “unbound”–still incarnating around it.’

For more information, and to order the book, visit the Vortex page at Libros Libertad:

Some poems from vortex:

Vortex is Manolis’s 18th published work. He has published poetry, novels, and poetry in translation from Greek. View his titles here:

Vortex by Manolis
Paperback 9 x 6 in
149 pages
ISBN: 9781926763163
To order, click below:

Here is a story on Manolis published today in print and on the Net.

From Greece to driving cabs to ‘The Circle’ for Surrey’s Manolis
By Carolyn Cooke
Surrey Now
August 25, 2011

It may not be a quiet retirement exactly, but local poet, author and publisher Manolis is certainly finding it a fulfilling one.

Libros Libertad, the publishing company started by Manolis and run from his South Surrey home office, turns five years old this month. The goal, from the beginning, the 64-year-old said, was to give authors and poets an opportunity to work with a proper publisher and see their writings in print.

“I do this for the goodness of the world,” he said.

Manolis doesn’t draw a salary from the company and, in fact, the retired stockbroker does some investing on Libros’ behalf to help make ends meet.

He is happy to see both his own and others’ writings make it to print, which is no small feat in the very competitive world of book publishing. And, he said, he is happy to be able to “please a few people by publishing their works.”

Manolis, who is originally from Greece, penned many works in his native tongue before immigrating to Canada in 1973. He worked at a number of jobs before settling into a career in the financial world, all the time writing poems and even a few novels.

His latest work is The Circle, a novel born shortly after the beginning of the war in Iraq.

“It’s a look at war from the point of view of the citizen – what happens to him once the bombs stop falling,” Manolis said.

In it, a number of young orphaned Iraqi men are brought to the U.S. to be educated, as sort of atonement for the horrors of war. There, the young men find their anger and emotional scars festering into hatred, focused on that which their former occupiers most value: money.

That kind of deep-set hatred for a past national foe is something Manolis knows firsthand. He explained that growing up in Greece, children were taught to hate the Turks, their former occupiers.

“When a child hears this again and again, you carry it inside you no matter what benign form it might be in, and it comes out eventually.”

For him, it was when he drove a cab in Vancouver back in the 1980s. Manolis said he picked up a fare who asked where he was from, and in return he asked the passenger his country of origin. When the man answered Turkey, Manolis said the intensity of his reaction to the man shocked him, especially as he was in his 30s and an otherwise mature, rational person.

Of course, nothing passed between the two men, but it did inspire a story that was published in a Greek magazine, and it later served again as context for The Circle.

For the most part, though, the writer’s first love is poetry. He has published a number of his own volumes of poetry so far, in addition to the work of others.

And recently his wordsmithing has taken a collaborative turn in that he has a number of artists who supply images of their works and Manolis pens poems to accompany them in beautifully crafted book form. Fans of both poetry and visual art will want to keep an eye out for the release by Libros next year, with 10 artists contributing seven images each to be paired with poems. The working title is Mythography, and it promises to be quite stunning.

For now, you can find books from the Libros Libertad catalogue in a growing number of stores, which are listed on the publisher’s website,

For upcoming event information, be sure to stop by the Facebook page.

© Copyright (c) Surrey Now

View the original here:

Poetry Reading by Manolis
As the Featured Poet
Poetry in the Park
Wednesday, 13 July, 2011
7-9 PM
In the band shell at Queen’s Park
1st St & 4th Ave
New Westminster, BC V3L

Manolis will present readings from his latest collections of poetry ‘Vernal Equinox’ (Ekstasis Editions, 2010) and ‘Opera Bufa’ (Libros Libertad 2011). He will also read a selection of poems by legendary modern Greek poet Yannis Ritsos from the translated work titled ‘Yannis Ritsos – Poems’ by Manolis (Libros Libertad, 2010). Manolis has published over ten collections of poetry, each collection contemplating a different theme. View his published work here.

Manolis has presented his work to diverse audiences in Vancouver Lower Mainland and elsewhere in BC, Greece and Canada.

OPEN MIC will follow Manolis’s presentation, and there is an impressive line-up with Candice James, Ben Nuttel-Smith, Valerie Parks, Fauzia Rafique and Reese McBeth. So bring your poems, bring your friends and come on out to read and listen to poetry at one of the most beautiful parks in Canada!

Poetry in the Park is a summer program initiated by the Poet Laureate of New Westminster, Candice James, with the support of the Arts Council of New Westminister .
. .

Press Release
June 25, 2011

Congratulations to all the participants of the Greek Day on Broadway in Vancouver this weekend.

An incredible amount of work has gone into this effort, and we wish all the success to it’s organizers.

We also want to thank the Vancouver Public Library, Kitsilano Branch, for inviting Author Manolis to present a portion of his work that brings forth his contributions to Greek Canadian literature, as a part of the Greek Day celebrations.

In this way, through our publications, we were able to bring attention to some of the most prolific Greek literary icons: Yannis Ritsos, Cavafy, and (upcoming) Seferis. As well, Manolis is an acclaimed author of seventeen titles. Through the quality of his original work and through his poetic translations/transliterations, he evolves Greek Canadian literature right here in BC.

As an independent Canadian publisher, we will continue to provide quality support to all community efforts through our literary publications and initiatives.

Libros Libertad
White Rock, BC