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Tasos Livaditis – Poems, Volume II

Posted: 30/03/2023 by vequinox in Literature



Helen and her lover frequented a hotel

at the outskirts of the city,

one of those cheap, neighborhood hotels

with the ancient, tired beds, the old mirrors

           ravaged by dampness

the basins, side tables, overused napkins

things touched by thousands before you, people

who perhaps might have died and while they might

           rot in the soil and rain

these things still retain on them the impersonal

           vague memory

of their passing; ephemeral couples, gamblers,

           drunkards, nuts,

ambitious and lonely who cried all night long.

For this reason things have their fate, noiseless  

            and yes merciless

and for this something deeper exists in every


the life of others. Helen and her lover would

rent a room they’d undress and try desperately

to meet; however their hands were blind because

           of their eagerness.

Finally, after having sex they’d meet again,

remaining silent for a long time, listening to

the faraway city buzz, vaguely discerned, as if

tuning their organs: for which performance



Beautiful woman, your playful laughter rises

like a futile sound that makes no echo

in the haughty heart connected

to those innocent and silent smiles

bestowing joy, or to those other souls

that cover grief with silence,

and those that perish secretly

in ancient yellowed images

and though they hardly smile at all

they yet shine deep in silenced eyes

like dark reflections spreading in the dusk

in the forlornness of the sea

Wheat Ears – Selected Poems

Posted: 30/03/2023 by vequinox in Literature


Your eyes get immersed in the aura

of a Cretan and your masterpieces

not semblances of men or

of women but reflections

of angels in a mirror.

Just idols of cherubs

archangels and seraphs with

wings which open and close

like a mysterious fan

in front of the splendor

of a sublime likeness and

a stalactite of your love

descends to moisten all

dryness, to quench all thirst.

Your love, oh great Cretan, for

man, for life, for God.

Here the line between

the spirit and flesh becomes

so indistinguishable

so tragically vague

here the aura of man

and the shadow of god

fuse into a ripple of gray air

into the sadness of a beacon

tears freely cascade and

overwhelm the afternoon heat

love songs unheard off before

tears that become absolution

of a thunderous encounter

between a Giant and a man

who has dared Death many a time

a man who seeks to reach higher.