Wheat Ears-Selected Poems

Posted: 27/03/2023 by vequinox in Literature

Bus Driver

He looked safe behind glass partitions

walls people build to keep fear away

almost as if in the placenta, uterus protecting

flexibility, giggling emotion

before the first cry of disappointment

reborn anxiety, vague exegesis

of coming into the painful world

with fluidity in his movement he

gave me my transfer absentmindedly

carefully perusing the world

passing in front of him, giving

and collecting in rhythm with

society’s rules perfectly tuned

to the holy mastermind

while a second world behind the driver

two juveniles debating

who of them would punch

the old man sitting in front of them

just to add indisputable importance

to their unimportant existence when

the driver gazed at them in the mirror

and his mind run to the third world

focused on his wife who left him a month ago

driver floated in three-dimensional world

and he looked safe behind glass partitions

almost as if in his mother’s womb

just before his first cry was heard

just before he committed his first sin

just before he came into being



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