Titos Patrikios – Selected Poems

Posted: 27/03/2023 by vequinox in Literature


I couldn’t become again

a silent drop of copper.

I couldn’t forget the many

faces who forgot themselves.

I can’t keep on breathing in an air which

can’t be expanded by thousands and

thousands of lives.

And this rock is my place

and these wild fig trees are

my motherland

yet only one color over my eyes

only one spring vein under my soil

only one unique age of time inside me

aren’t enough.

I want the whole of my earth

I want the tired man to lift so much death, so much sun,

I want thousands of houses with fire in their fireplaces

or with the tumbled down fireplace,

I want the pickaxe, and the shovel, and the nets

the wounded forehead of sweat

oh, my tortured hope,

oh my land, my homeland

hold me tight in your arms

and let me cry, cry, cry

for all your killed ravines,

for all your orphan islands,

for all your hungry fields,

let my cry deeper than your roots

more sad than your mourning,

more certain than your light —

until I shall be reborn with you.

I want the noise of machines,

the warm smell of the body,

I want our voice.

Speak. Speak.


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