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Tasos Livaditis – Poems, Volume II

Posted: 13/03/2023 by vequinox in Literature


Oh Lord, I’m tired of talking, fastened with wires

          in the urn and

I surrendered myself without being asked; and only

the dead can endure such plentiful of things since

they don’t need them anymore coughing spitefully

with a brown overcoat like untie Helen’s trains; at

night we heard the fire engines running at high speed;

many were hooked onto so simple things and died

with no one’s help, others were beheaded as they

bent down to find their shoes. In fact I was concerned

for a whole year, for a poor salt shaker, black from dirt

or the negative feelings, “what can we do Heliousa”

I said and put a shawl on my shoulders as if no murder

ever took place here, so much alone that I could resist

the urge to take out of my pockets four or twelve

carriages, so unknown that they could find me

           and take them away.

Trucks loaded with convicts shook the bridge as

they passed, forgotten events stood at the corner

like the one eyed people outside the pharmacy.

Who betrayed? Who climbed up on the bus hastily?

          Who didn’t forget?

All are mixed up and only the rooster, each morning,

knows of the destruction that commences and when

they call me I simply and spitefully turn up perpetuating

            their illusion.

I remember, one night, as I walked in the deserted

streets, of course everything ended up at the police

precinct, despite all the cold, since when I went in

the ill-tempered restaurant to have a warm soup, when

time came to pay I took out of my pocket mother’s

empty spool and the wretched people still owed me

         some change.

Wheat Ears – Selected Poems

Posted: 13/03/2023 by vequinox in Literature

Fifth Canto

I’m free from the fear of voyages

and the eagerness of yearning for

new lands evaporates solemnly

as a gray shade shrugs its shoulders

and old Hades transforms to

the finger of a cosmic clock

enigmatically traveling against Himself

and unfulfilled wishes of

innocent girls and boys to

caress the absurdity of logic

An overwhelmed teenager balances

grand with trivial great

minor splendorous with

ever wallflower unceasing

mediocrity and tiny-mindedness

a shocked sun hides out

back of the thickest clouds and leaves

only a shadow to mindfully rock strings

of marionettes between left

and right powerful and

poor between light and dark skinned

preserving the entrenched dichotomy

and I feel squeezed between my logic

creating and my body lusting after

the inexplicable yearning for heat

so arched tombstones smile

even more than is decent they

laugh at the expense of

uncommon sense and regard afforded it by

even a common thief

when a stolen pearl asks its shine

about innocence

soft petals and humble joys

answer: we can do better