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George Seferis – Collected Poems

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Summer Solstice


The sea that they call tranquility

ships and white sails

the wind coming from the pines

of Aegina Mountain

panting breath;

your skin sliding over her skin

easy and warm

thought almost incomplete and at once forgotten.

But in the shallow

sa speared octopus spurted ink

and in the sea floor—think of where

the beautiful islands reach.

I looked at you with all the light

and the darkness I have.

Tasos Livaditis – Poems, Volume II

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Leave me alone, then, I could die as easily and without


dampness spread over the whole city and the false


placed their hands over the fire as if they were throwing

          away the Gospel.

And all the plans for the great escape remained sealed

          in the useless box

so that even if they opened it they wouldn’t find but a

bit of snow from a childish walk

one can survive with such deceits.

It was an unforgettable sundown; resting my head

onto fat Teresa’s breasts, I was reading Dostoevsky

dreaming of the death of innocence or so much pain

           that God had to exist;

I held the acetylene lamp at the entrance of the country


the female singer had lost her voice and was searching

          under the chairs for it

I was an enlarged midget, an alcoholic eunuch swimming

          in the mirror,     

since they wished it, as they threw an embryo in acid,

while my co-passengers smoke, unsuspectedly, their

pipes like calm nightmares.

Then, each time one comes in your life, it’s as if

he steals a gramophone needle from you until

finally you have to sing alone.


«Η ιδέα ότι η Σαπφώ ταξιδεύει πια στα άστρα, ότι κάθε πλάσμα που μπορεί να υπέφερε πάνω στη Γη οι θεοί το τοποθετούσαν στα άστρα»

Η Ρηνιώ Κυριαζή, ο Νικόλας Καζάζης και ο Θοδωρής Οικονόμου μας προσκαλούν σε ένα μουσικό αστροφυσικό ταξίδι στο Αστεροσκοπείο Αθηνών.

Γράφει ο Ηλίας Μαγκλίνης

Η Ρηνιώ Κυριαζή είναι από τη Λέσβο. Τη γιαγιά της την έλεγαν Σαπφώ. Ο πατέρας της ήταν φυσικός, λάτρευε τον έναστρο ουρανό και τα θραύσματα της αρχαίας λυρικής Λέσβιας ποιήτριας. Ηταν κάτι σαν πεπρωμένο λοιπόν για τη Ρηνιώ η ιδιότυπη μουσική και ποιητική παράσταση που θα κάνει πρεμιέρα τη Δευτέρα, όχι σε θέατρο αλλά στον Λόφο των Νυμφών και στο Αστεροσκοπείο Αθηνών. Τίτλος της, «Σαπφώ καταστερωμένη. Μουσικό αστροφυσικό ταξίδι στο Αστεροσκοπείο Αθηνών».

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