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George Seferis – Collected Poems

Posted: 02/03/2023 by vequinox in Literature

Summer Solstice


They all see visions

but no one admits to it;

they keep on going believing they are alone.

The huge rose

was always here

next to you, deep in sleep

yours and unknown.

But only now that your lips touched it

in its innermost petals

you felt the dense weight of the dancer

who falls in the river of time—the terrible splash.

Don’t waste the meaning that this

breath of life has given you.

Tasos Livaditis – Poems, Volume II

Posted: 02/03/2023 by vequinox in Literature


There are, truly, thousands of ways for one to regain

           his life

and only one to waste it. The tenants complained

for my oily hair that had covered half of the roof,

they didn’t know how many forgotten people still

existed yet, to be truthful, they weren’t shooting;

what’s the purpose of getting involved with death


better sit by the window and knit a sock. This often

happened to unfortunate Rachel as she’d step up

on the chair to dust the window she’d suddenly see

her true life; then she’d step down a bit cold on

her shoulders and she’d put her overcoat which

still seemed as empty. The villagers finished hastily

as if in fear and they discovered a choked person

there between the potatoes where they were


Thus, after we lost everything, mother used to

leave the door open and

Hagia Anna got pregnant although very old,

until at the end you could find most of the dead

among the survivors, old stories to narrate

         sitting by the fireplace

after a good supper

and the trap of certainty under the carpet.