Neo-Hellene Poets, an Anthology of Modern Greek Poetry 1750-2018

Posted: 28/01/2023 by vequinox in Literature

Poem by Manolis Anagnostakis


Day will come when we won’t have anything to say

we’ll sit opposite each other looking into each other’s eyes

my silence will say: how beautiful you are

yet I don’t find any words to describe it

we’ll travel somewhere out of boredom

or you’ll say that we also travelled.

People always grope around and at last they find love

however they don’t find anything

sometimes I ponder that life is so short

it isn’t even worthy of trying to start it

I leave Athens and go to Montevideo or

perhaps to Shanghai, this is also something

you can’t doubt

remember that we smoked a lot of cigarettes

and talked all night long back then

I don’t remember what we talked about

yet we did it with so much interest

I wish that one day I could go far away from you

although even there you will come looking for me

oh, God, no one can truly live alone.


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