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Tasos Livaditis – Poems, Volume II

Posted: 07/12/2022 by vequinox in Literature

OR WHEN, suddenly, one turns and looks at you as if

you both came to the world for this reason; you don’t talk

to each other however his glance again wonders towards

the unanswerable from which the holy grace was painfully

given to you and other times when you mold a pitcher

in your wheel or you write a word in the sand separation  

already stands between you two and we now know where

the man who gets up to leave will finally go, only that

he started before us, like the mothers who, if darkness

comes, it’s because they were so tired and fell asleep

for a while.

Poem by Kostas Karyotakis


This the way I see the gardens

A new sadness talks to me tonight in the garden

an almond tree drives its smiling blossom

deep down to the bog’s thick water, and

memory of my youth battles the sick acacia

cold breeze awakes in the broken container

every rose is dead in the flowerpot-coffin

the cypress, endless martyrdom, star bound

uplifts its darkness thirsting for air

and they go, a sorrowful procession the pepper tree

treeline dragging along their green hair.

Two palms raise their arms in desperation

the garden is a melancholic place.

Wheat Ears – Selected Poems

Posted: 07/12/2022 by vequinox in Literature


Artemis graced me with abundant verdure 

the days when

I celebrated glorious, free

ancient spring charms

          ravines with oleanders

          deep chasms filled with

          the song of Eros

a meaning as easy to decipher

as kissing the soft mound

          of a woman

          time of vernal equinox

truth no less important than

my sexual arousal

          deep in moist caves

          where my mind always ran

what I always wanted

innocent shivering lip

of the virgin just before a kiss

          like the other side of the sky

          where something hides

          as close as in my soul

like a wishing fountain full of coins

dreams that appeared before

the end of a day’s toil

          another martyr

          another sacrifice

          another blessing


Η καταστροφική λεηλασία του μνημείου άρχισε το 1801.

Ο δισδάρης της Ακρόπολης βλέποντας τους λίθους του ναού να κατακρημνίζονται από το 300μελές συνεργείο του Έλγιν και τα θρυμματισμένα κομμάτια μιας μετόπης να διασκορπίζονται, επιχείρησε να ματαιώσει την προσπάθεια των Άγγλων.

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