George Seferis-Collected Poems

Posted: 30/11/2022 by vequinox in Literature


With her blurred eyes she nears that sculptured hand

the hand that held the rudder

the hand that held the pen

the hand that spread open in the wind

her silence threatened by everything.

From the pine trees a movement starts toward the sea

it plays with the humble breath of breeze

and two black Symblegades intercept it.

I opened my heart and breathed.

The golden fleece shivered in the pelagos.

The skin the colour and the shudder were hers,

hers the mountain peaks on the horizon, on my palm.

I opened my heart

filled by images already vanished, the sperm of Proteus.

Here I gazed at the moon

coloured by the blood

of a young she-wolf.

Spetches, August 1934

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