George Seferis-Collected Poems

Posted: 28/11/2022 by vequinox in Literature


Bend if you can to the dark sea forgetting

the flute’s sound on naked feet

that stepped on your sleep in the other, the sunken life.

Write if you can on your last ostracon

the day the name the place

and throw it in the sea so that is sinks.

We were naked on the pumice stone

watching the rising islands

watching the red islands sink

into their sleep into our sleep.

Here we were naked holding

the scale that tilted to the side

of injustice.

Heel of strength, shadow-less will, calculated love

plans ripening in the mid-day sun path of fate with the new hand

patting on the shoulder

in the place that was scattered that can’t bear any longer

in the place that was once ours

the islands, the ash and the rust sink.

Altars destroyed

and friends forgotten

palm tree leaves in the mud.

Let your hands travel, if you can

here on this corner of time with the ship

that touched the horizon.

When the dice struck the flagstone

when the spear struck the armour

when the eye recognized the foreigner

and love dried up

in hollowed souls

when you look around you discern

harvested feet all over

dead arms everywhere

eyes darkened everywhere

when you can’t choose any longer

even your own death that you wanted

hearing a cry

even the cry of a wolf

you’re right:

let your hands travel, if you can

let yourself free from the unfaithful time

and sink

whoever carries the heavy rocks sinks.

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