Daily Dose of Bhagavad Gita

Posted: 10/08/2022 by vequinox in Literature

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Chapter 3: Karma-yoga


annad bhavanti bhutani
parjanyad anna-sambhavah
yajnad bhavati parjanyo
yajnah karma-samudbhavah

Chapter 3 Verse 14


All living bodies subsist on food grains, which are produced from rain. Rains are produced by performance of yajna [sacrifice], and yajna is born of prescribed duties.


Srila Baladeva Vidyabhusana, a great commentator on theBhagavad-gita,writes as follows:ye indrady-anga-tayavasthitam yajnam sarvesvaram visnum abhyarccya tacchesam asnanti tena taddeha-yantram sampadayanti te santah sarvesvarasya bhaktah sarva-kilvisair anadi-kala-vivrddhair atmanubhava- pratibandhakair nikhilaih papair vimucyante.The Supreme Lord, who is known as theyajna-purusah,or the personal beneficiary of all sacrifices, is the master of all demigods who serve Him as the different limbs of the body serve the whole. Demigods like Indra, Candra, Varuna, etc., are appointed officers who manage material affairs, and theVedasdirect sacrifices to satisfy these demigods so that they may be pleased to supply air, light and…

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