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Tasos Livaditis-Poems, Volume II

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Tasos Livaditis-Poems, Volume II

POEMS 1958-1964


Στο βάθος του χρόνου ήμουνα πίθηκος.

Ύστερα ανακάλυψα τα εργαλεία.

Πολέμησα σταυροφόρος στην Ιερουσαλήμ

βίασα γυναίκες, κήρυξα την ισότητα, με σταύρωσαν.

Τον Οχτώβρη του 17 έκλαψα από ατέλειωτη ευτυχία.

Τώρα με τα κουρέλια που μου απόμειναν

προσπαθώ να φτιάξω ένα ομοίωμα ανθρώπου.

History Lesson

Long ago I was a monkey in the corner of history.

Then I discovered tools.

I fought in the crusades in Jerusalem
I violated women, I promoted equality,

they crucified me.

On October the 17th I cried of happiness.

Now, I, with these leftover rags,

try to create the semblance of a man.

Swamped, a novel by Manolis Aligizakis

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“Hello, Richard. What’s up?”

“You’ve been busy with your new venture and left our company to the wolves,” Richard complained, skipping the small talk.

“That’s not true,” Eteo shot back.

“I never expected my Golden Veins to trade at 21 cents after cutting a deal with the brokers in Calgary, but they haven’t started coming in since you left the stock.”

 “Why don’t they buy it now that it’s cheaper than it was when you met them? Don’t they like a bargain price?” Eteo asked sarcastically.

Richard went silent for a moment, giving Eteo an opportunity to cut the conversation short. “Sorry, Richard, but I’ve got to go. I’d like to see some new blood in your company. Why don’t you go and talk to the big broker at Canarim. He might have a lead on something good.” With that he put the phone down.

He checked his messages and saw that Spiro had called, a client who never liked to talk to anybody but Eteo. He dialed Spiro’s number and updated him on the Platinum Properties stock, and when Spiro started to wonder whether it would be a good idea to let go of a few shares, Eteo insisted they stay the course but keep a good eye on it. Spiro accepted Eteo’s suggestion and while they were still on the phone Susan walked in with a few documents in her hands. Eteo made his excuses to Spiro, got up, and closed his door. He hugged Susan and they kissed, hot and hard, before Susan suddenly broke off and said, “You’ve been avoiding me.”

“No. Why do you say that? I’ve been busy, that’s all.”

“I know you’ve been busy during the day, but what about the evenings when you go home …” She didn’t finish her sentence.

“Even at home I’ve been busy, sweet Susan. Alex and his choir and Jonathan in his last semester, they both need a lot of me and my time. Have patience, baby. Our time will come.”

Eteo wanted to soothe her feelings, but deep down he knew he had to let her go. He hated the idea of colleagues in the firm talking about him and Susan, which he knew would start very soon. At least two other women upstairs knew about his affair with Susan, and others would soon find out. Even though he liked Susan a lot, and knew she cared for him, he had to distance himself. He would tell her it was over this weekend. He would be firm and straight with her.

To Koskino

Κι έγινε σιωπή στους τοίχους
στις πόρτες
στο πάτωμα
στο νερό στα λακκάκια του λαιμού
Εκεί που κούρνιαζε όλη η θάλασσα.
Πάρε μου την θλίψη από τα μεσημέρια.
Κάποιος είπε:
θα πεταχτώ έξω για τσιγάρα
δε γύρισε ποτέ.
χωρίς να μου ανήκει ούτε ένα όνομα σε αυτό το σπίτι
σκέφτηκα ότι μπορεί να έχω ημερομηνία
ή μπορεί να είμαι η υγρασία
στις γρατζουνιές του τοίχου
αυτού που κάνει ησυχία
και απορροφά όλες τις έκτακτες ανάγκες.
Διάλλειμα δεν έχει
αφού όνομα δεν έχουμε
ούτε πρωινά
μόνο ένα στριφτό τσιγάρο.

*Από τη συλλογή “Άφιλτρα”, Εκδάσεις Bibliotheque, 2021.

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Marina Kanavaki

from Oannes*

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Ένα πρώτο τραγούδι αφιερωμένο στη μνήμη του Βαγγέλη Παπαθανασίου, από το πρώτο άλμπουμ των Aphrodite’s Child. Θα ακολουθήσουν αρκετά ακόμα τις επόμενες μέρες.

One first song dedicated to the memory of Vangelis Papathanasiou, from the first Aphrodite’s Child album. It will be followed by much more in the coming days.


❝ Rain and tears are the same
But in the sun you’ve got to play the game
When you cry
In winter time
You can pretend
It’s nothing but the rain
How many times I’ve seen
Tears coming from your blue eyes
Rain and tears, are the same
But in the sun
You’ve got to play the game
Give me an answer, love (oh)
I need an answer, love (oh)
Rain and tears in the sun
But in your heart

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