Philosophy [XIX] brief conclusions to Plato with an introduction to Aristotle’s metaphysics…

Posted: 26/07/2021 by vequinox in Literature

for much deliberation

(Notes from the 1992 lectures on the ‘History of Philosophy’ by the late Dr. Arthur F. Holmes…)

Lecture#9 – Plato (conclusion) & Aristotle’s metaphysics

Final thoughts on Plato: developing a core thesis that can be represented by the divided line analogy; on one side is the difference between knowledge and opinion, the epistemological side, and on the other side, the difference between forms and particulars
This is central to other principles (aspects of existence) such as ethics, human soul, politics, educational ideas, cosmology, conception of god (good), philosophy of history (with a cyclical view of history developing as with the human soul, and the cyclical view is generally part of Greek thinking). Note that the first linear view of history emerged with St. Augustine and his ‘city of god’. Western philosophy focuses on historical progress as with the scientific revolution, and dominated thoughts related to 19th century enlightenment.
Plato with…

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