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Swamped, a novel by Manolis Aligizakis

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There are also times when the boys go to the sea with their father on those special days when he takes them with him to the shore, to the expansive sandy beach that reaches all the way to Chania, which they can see from a higher vantage point almost every summer day under the guidance of the brilliant sunshine. On those days Eteocles and Nicolas are two happy boys ready for their share of running along the hot sand which sometimes burns their soles and makes them run in a jumpy way like crags on fire as they like to say. Nicolas is the stronger of the two and knows how to swim on his own while Eteocles relies on the strong back of his father to take him out and far away from the shore into the expanse of light blue water. He holds on as tight as he can while trying not to make his grip uncomfortable for his father who laughs every time Eteocles tightens his hold and tells him to relax and enjoy the beautiful water. At these times their father acts like a child too, playful and full of jokes, focused especially on Eteocles and his fear of being far out in the sea, there where the light blue of the water and the light blue of the sky are equally inviting and equally expansive. That infinite expanse is the attraction for Eteocles but also the fear as he imagines how deep the water will be out where his father is taking him and how easily he would sink to the bottom if he lets go of his father’s neck where he holds on for dear life. But his father only laughs and tells him not to hold so tight.

Then finally, at the farthest point of the ocean’s sweet, fearful embrace, his dad turns around and with the same swiftness carries him back to the shore and leaves him there to run alone up and down the burning sand while he gives Nicolas his turn to swim out to the depths. And knowing that Nicolas knows how to swim far away from the beach where the water is at least five meters deep, their father unloads Nicolas and lets him swim around him freely. It makes Eteocles a little jealous to see his brother swimming on his own that far from the safety of the sand.

There are other times when the boys remember their dad diving to the bottom of the sea and picking something of no value but the sand in his hand and coming back to the surface with this proof that he has reached the bottom and shown them that one day they may learn to dive and hold their breath for this long time.

These are the lessons the two brothers learn from their father and keep in their hearts for ever. As they do with their mother’s reaction when they get back home with their father and she gives them clean, dry clothes and makes sure they change quickly and takes their wet clothes and rinses them and hangs them on the line outside of the house toward the west. And their father smiles, his happy face admiring his wife’s devotion to their sons and his two sons’ enjoyment of their mother’s love. 

George Seferis-Collected Poems

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George Seferis-Collected Poems, 3rd Edition



Γιατί περάσαν τόσα και τόσα μπροστὰ στα μάτια μας
που και τα μάτια μας δεν είδαν τίποτε, μα παραπέρα
και πίσω η μνήμη σαν το άσπρο πανὶ μία νύχτα σε μια μάντρα
που είδαμε οράματα παράξενα, περισσότερο κι απὸ σένα,
να περνούν και να χάνουνται μέσα στο ακίνητο φύλλωμα μιας πιπεριάς

γιατί γνωρίσαμε τόσο πολὺ τούτη τη μοίρα μας
στριφογυρίζοντας μέσα σε σπασμένες πέτρες, τρεις ή έξι χιλιάδες χρόνια
ψάχνοντας σε οικοδομὲς γκρεμισμένες που θα ήταν ίσως το δικό μας σπίτι
προσπαθώντας να θυμηθούμε χρονολογίες και ηρωικὲς πράξεις
θα μπορέσουμε;

γιατί δεθήκαμε και σκορπιστήκαμε
και παλέψαμε με δυσκολίες ανύπαρχτες όπως λέγαν,
χαμένοι, ξαναβρίσκοντας ένα δρόμο γεμάτο τυφλὰ συντάγματα,
βουλιάζοντας μέσα σε βάλτους και μέσα στη λίμνη του Μαραθώνα,
θα μπορέσουμε να πεθάνουμε κανονικά;


Why so many things have passed before our eyes

that we never saw anything, but beyond

and behind, memory was like the white sheet,

one night in an enclosure where we saw strange visions,

even more strange than you

to pass by and vanish amid the motionless foliage of a pepper tree;

because we know this fate of ours so well

sauntering among the broken rocks, three or six thousand years

searching in collapsed buildings that perhaps were our homes

trying to remember dates and heroic deeds

will we be able?

Because we were bound and scattered

and we fought against nonexistent difficulties as they said

lost, yet finding again a path full of blind regiments

sinking in the marches and in the lake of Marathon

will we be able to die as is expected of us?

Tasos Livaditis-Selected Poems

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ΕΚ ΠΡΩΤΗΣ όψεως, βέβαια, όλοι φαίνονται απροσδόκητα

ενώ αυτό που φοβόμαστε έχει γίνει από καιρό, κι ήτανε μέσα μας,

κι εμείς το πηγαίναμε στην επικίνδυνη ώρα και συχνά σταματού-

σες στη μέση της σκάλας, γιατί ποιός ξέρει πού είναι το άλλο

σκαλοπάτι, ιδιαίτερα το βράδυ καθώς διάβαινες τις άδειες κάμα-

ρες, σου `πεφτε πάντα κάτι απ’ τα χέρια, σαν να `θελε να ξαναγυ-

ρίσει, και τότε, όπως γονάτιζες να το βρεις, συναντούσες τον


      αφού κάθε κίνηση μας προδίνει, κι ένα άλλο ποτήρι σηκώνεις

απ’ αυτό που πήγαινες, προτίμησα, λοιπόν, να σωπάσω, μα όταν

μες στο σκοτάδι χτύπησαν μεσάνυχτα, όλο το σπίτι ράγισε άξαφνα,

και τότε, στο βάθος του διαδρόμου, το είδαμε που πέρασε εντελώς


AT FIRST glance of course everything seem to be unexpected

while what we’ve feared had already taken place and was inside us

and we carried it to the dangerous hour and often you would stop

in the middle of the stairs because, who knows where was the next

step; especially in the night as you walked through the empty rooms

something always fell off your hands as if wanting to return and

then as you’d kneel to find it you would meet the other man

      since every gesture gives us up and you carry a different

glass from the one you wanted, I therefore chose to keep silent;

but when in darkness midnight struck suddenly the whole

house shook and then at the end of the hallway we saw him

as he quite clearly walked by us.

Daily Dose of Bhagwad Gita

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Be Inspired..!!

Quotes on Gita :‘If one reads Bhagavad-Gita very sincerely and with all seriousness, then by the grace of the Lord the reactions of his past misdeeds will not act upon him’Lord Shiva to Parvatidevi, Gita-Mahatmya.

No other philosophical or religious work reveals ,in such a lucid and profound way, the nature of consciousness, the self, the universe and the Supreme. I will shall read (Youtube Link Attached) and write Gita verses from the book “Bhagvan-Gita As It Is” by Swami Prabhupada everyday.

Chapter 2 – Text 66-67

Chapter 2 – Contents of the Gita Summarised

Text 66 – One who is not connected with the Supreme [in Kṛṣṇa consciousness] can have neither transcendental intelligence nor a steady mind, without which there is no possibility of peace. And how can there be any happiness without peace?

Purport – Unless one is in Kṛṣṇa consciousness, there is no possibility of…

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To Koskino

Κολλημένες στο τοίχο του κελιού μου 47 φωτογραφίες: 47 μαύρα πρόσωπα: ο πατέρας μου, η μητέρα μου, η γιαγιά μου (η 1 νεκρή), οι παππούδες μου (κι οι δυο νεκροί), τα αδέρφια μου, οι αδερφές μου, οι θείοι μου, οι θείες μου, τα ξαδέρφια μου (Ια και 2α), οι
ανιψιές μου, οι ανιψιοί μου.
το χώρο γύρω τους, κι εμένα ξαπλωμένο στην κουκέτα μου.
Ξέρω τα σκοτεινά μάτια τους, ξέρουν τα δικά μου. Ξέρω το στυλ τους, ξέρουν το δικό μου. Είμαι όλοι τους μαζί, κι αυτοί είναι όλοι τους εγώ. Είναι αγρότες, είμαι κλέφτης, είμαι εγώ,
είναι εσύ.
Κατά καιρούς ήμουν ερωτευμένος με τη μητέρα μου, τη ίη μου γιαγιά, τις 2 αδερφές μου, τις 2 θείες μου (η μια πήγε στο άσυλο), τις 5 ξα-δέρφες μου. Τώρα είμαι ερωτευμένος με μια 7χρονη ανιψιά μου (μου στέλνει γράμματα σε μεγάλες μαύρες λιθογραφίες, και η φωτογραφία της είναι η

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