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Πιο κάτω παρατίθεται απόσπασμα από διδασκαλία του Δημήτρη Λιαντίνη, όπου γίνεται εκτενής αναφορά στη σημασία της απόλαυσης της ζωής. Ο Λιαντίνης ήταν Έλληνας πανεπιστημιακός, φιλόσοφος, ποιητής, συγγραφέας και μεταφραστής. Το 1998 ο Λιαντίνης εξαφανίστηκε αφήνοντας γράμμα προς την κόρη του, στο οποίο δήλωνε πως είχε αποφασίσει «να αφανισθεί αυτοθέλητα», όπως χαρακτηριστικά έγραψε.

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Daily Dose of Bhagwad Gita

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Be Inspired..!!

Quotes on Gita :‘If one reads Bhagavad-Gita very sincerely and with all seriousness, then by the grace of the Lord the reactions of his past misdeeds will not act upon him’Lord Shiva to Parvatidevi, Gita-Mahatmya.

No other philosophical or religious work reveals ,in such a lucid and profound way, the nature of consciousness, the self, the universe and the Supreme. I will shall read (Youtube Link Attached) and write Gita verses from the book “Bhagvan-Gita As It Is” by Swami Prabhupada everyday.

Chapter 2 – Contents of the Gita Summarised

Text 41 – Those who are on this path are resolute in purpose, and their aim is one. O beloved child of the Kurus, the intelligence of those who are irresolute is many-branched.

Purport – A strong faith that by Kṛṣṇa consciousness one will be elevated to the highest perfection of life is called vyavasāyātmikā intelligence. The Caitanya-caritāmṛta…

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