Kariotakis-Polydouri, the Tragic Love Story

Posted: 24/04/2021 by vequinox in Literature


                            *Bacterium of syphilis

The scientific books had well

prepared their blood thirsty images

the doubting girl who smiled secretly

beautiful the joy we received from her lips

our forehead shook softly, persistently

as we opened up that it would come in

the craziness in our heads and lock itself inside

and now our life becomes the strange, old story.

The logic and our emotions becomes luxury

burden we give to any sane person

we retain the impulse, our childish laughter

the instinct to rely onto the hands of God.

His creation is but an atrocious comedy

He, with the eternal good intention

managed to pull the curtain before our eyes

oh comedy, the awe, the dream, the smoke

and the girl I went with was beautiful

during that winter evening long ago, when

enigmatically laughing she gave me her lips

while seeing the fateful abyss closing in.

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