Fortunato Depero’s Futurist Toy

Posted: 01/04/2021 by vequinox in Literature


31Qb+dJUvmLOn the 30th of March 1892, Italian Futurist artist Fortunato Depero was born in Fondo, Trentino. In his youth, he was apprentice to a marble worker, which may explain his future interest in shape, form and design. On a 1913 trip to Florence, he discovered a copy of Giovanni Papini’s periodical Lacerba, which prophesized the freedom and autonomy of art, the exaltation of the anarchist ‘genius’ and ‘superman’, introducing even the working classes to a liberated view on political and cultural issues. In Florence, Depero read Marinetti and in Rome he met Balla, exponents of the future movement. As part of Marinetti’s legendary Futurism manifesto, published in 1909 in the French Le Figaro, the poet pledged: “We intend to destroy museums, libraries, academies of every sort, and to fight against moralism, feminism…” and everything else, really.Most of these outrageous ideas seemed to be written by…

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