Alberto Giacometti: The Walking Man

Posted: 12/01/2021 by vequinox in Literature


51JT16YQQSLOn the 11th of January 1966, the Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti died in Chur, Switzerland. Born as the eldest son of Italian Protestant refugees, later favoured by his painter father, Giacometti was very fortunate with his upbringing. “I can’t imagine any happier childhood,” he said, “or youth than those I passed with my father and all my family, my mother and my sister and my brothers.” (Laurie Wilson, Alberto Giacometti: Myth, Magic, and the Man). Yet, since early childhood he was of a rather serious demeanour, always absorbed by his thoughts, most of which were death related. His obsession with death became even bigger after experiencing firsthand the passing of an elderly man met on some travel. To some extent, his fear of death was translated into his later works, in which a man becomes a stripped naked, autonomous and alienated entity, reduced…

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