Moisei Ginzburg’s Constructivist Architectural Utopia

Posted: 08/01/2021 by vequinox in Literature


591px-Narkmomfinfoto2 The Narkomfin building in the 1930s. Photo credit: Wikipedia

On the 7th of January 1946, Moisei Yakovlevich Ginzburg, one of the most celebrated constructivist architects in Soviet Russia, died in Moscow. He was the founder of the OSA Group (Organisation of Contemporary Architects), which promoted principles of constructivist architecture  – a style combining advanced technology and engineering with socialist ideas.

In 1928, OSA established The Standardization Section of the Construction Committee (Stroikom RSFSR), the leader of which was Ginzburg himself. The same year OSA produced five types of housing units with a plan of building them in various sites of the country. “The housing units, developed by Ginzburg’s Stroikom group, were actually individual apartments of the so-called “transitional type,” intended to help the inhabitants transcend their old habits, “overcome” their previous selves by voluntary measures… According to Ginzburg: “It is impossible at present to compel the occupants of…

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