Australian Icons: Max Dupain’s ‘Sunbaker’

Posted: 16/12/2020 by vequinox in Literature


41byFZw1-SL._SL500_On the 27th of July 1992, Australia’s most celebrated twentieth-century photographer Max Dupain died in Sydney, Australia. From 1924 – the year a Box Brownie camera was given to him by his uncle – right up to his very last days, he had taken hundreds of thousands of pictures capturing the daily life of Sydney. The city determined his whole life and career. “It’s all here,” he used to say. “Why do I need to go anywhere else?” Such pictures as Draughts in Belmore Park(1938), Morning Rush Hour, Sydney Harbour Bridge(1938), or Meat Queue (1946) depict the life of the city in the most direct and honest manner. But for many Australians, it is the beach that became the epitome of Dupain’s photographic oeuvre. The Sunbaker (1937), At Newport (1952), and Bondi(1939) all depict, and define, Australian beach culture.

The most famous and most celebrated…

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