Truman Capote: In Cold Blood

Posted: 06/12/2020 by vequinox in Literature


On the 15th of November 1959, Mr. and Mrs. Clutter, their son Kenyon and daughter Nancy, were murdered in their farm house in Holcomb, Kansas. The two men responsible for their deaths, Richard ‘Dick’ Hickock and Perry Edward Smith, were executed by hanging five and a half years later. The gallows from which they were hanged is still in possession of the Kansas State Historical Society.

The events of that fatal November night shook up the public opinion. As Tony Tanner said: it was “the American dream turning into the American nightmare”. The Clutters were a respectable Methodist family who thanks to their hard work and perseverance managed to establish a successful and very prosperous farm. Unfortunately, their wealth had drawn the attention of the two young criminals. ‘Dick’ had heard that Mr. Clutter kept a big sum of money in a safe in his office.  He…

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