Thomas A. Edison: Invention as a Cognitive Process

Posted: 30/11/2020 by vequinox in Literature


On the 29th of November 1877, Thomas Edison, an American inventor and businessman, demonstrated his phonograph for the first time. It is difficult for us to imagine the kind of stir it caused as we have become so used to listening to music in practically every sphere of our everyday life that we take it for granted; we hear music at home, walking down the street, in shops and supermarkets, pubs and nightclubs or even public toilets! There have been also so many inventions since Edison that we have come to the point where we can be hardly surprised anymore. But in the nineteenth century novelties were granted with a great public interest as they often seemed to have transgressed the impossible barriers of physics. And so when Edison’s voice, reciting a popular nursery rhyme “Mary had a little lamb”, came out of a small piece of tinfoil…

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