Mishima Yukio: The Last Samurai

Posted: 27/11/2020 by vequinox in Literature


On the 25th of November 1970, Mishima Yukio, a Japanese writer, actor and film director, killed himself in the traditional Japanese warrior manner of seppuku in Tokyo, Japan. His suicide shocked equally the Japanese and people worldwide. It is believed that Mishima’s suicide was a premeditated act determined by certain political but also personal and aesthetic motives, revealing the truth about his paradoxical life. “Mishima’s whole career was one of paradox built on an extraordinary tension between spirit and body, words and action, and artistic creation and commitment to the world.” (Hisaaki Yamanouchi, Mishima Yukio and His Suicide, Modern Asian Studies, Vol. 6, No. 1, 1972).

Mishima was born in 1925 in Tokyo. His early childhood was overshadowed by his eccentric grandmother Natsuko, who separated the boy from his family and peers. Natsuko was thought to have possessed some occult powers. She kept the young Mishima away from…

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