Deconstructing Language and Meaning with Eugène Ionesco

Posted: 26/11/2020 by vequinox in Literature


On the 26th of November 1909, the playwright Eugen Ionescu was born in Slatina, Judetul Olt, Romania. Having trained as a French teacher in ‘Little Paris’, as Bucharest had become known between the two world wars, Ionesco followed on to Paris where he completed his doctorate in 1938. He returned to France during the war in 1942 with his wife and child and eventually established himself in Paris where he lived and worked till the end of his life in 1994.

Ionesco, as he chose to call himself thereon, arrived at his theatre career at the relatively late age of 40, like Samuel Beckett. The story of how he decided to become a playwright has become something of a self-created myth. It all started when the writer decided to learn English using the Assimil method, a French invention in foreign language self-tuition, based on repetitive exposure to…

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