Greek vs.Roman Speech

Posted: 30/08/2018 by vequinox in Literature


Plutarch, Life of Cato the Elder (12)

“He spent much of his time in Athens, and a certain speech of his is said to have been brought out, which he addressed to the city in Greek, being an eager fan of the virtue of the ancient Athenians, and having happily become an admirer of the city because of its beauty and greatness. This is not true; rather, he spoke through through an interpreter though he himself was able to address them in Greek, prefering to stick to his old ways and laughing at those who felt such wonder for Greek culture. He mocked Postumius Albinus for writing a history in Greek and asking for pardon on that account. Cato said that pardon should have been given to him if Albinus had persisted in the work under compulsion from the vote of the Amphictyonic Assembly. He said that the Athenians admired…

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