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BC Bookworld–and my award

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Λογοτεχνικό περιοδικό της Βρετανικής Κολομβίας…BC Bookworld

Our BC Bookworld with my latest award. Thank you Alan Twigg.




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images of absence cover


He knew I devoted all my
earthly love to him
I pronounced him heir
of the world which I had
concealed from the traitors

for this he dug
his grave deep
he threw in it
the inheritance
soon after he stood
somber on top of the slab and
from the depth
of his lungs
he wailed

in this shadow for eons
we’ve dwelled
you and I
the two disinherited
you and I
the two exaggerations


Το `ξερε του αφιέρωσα
όλη μου την αγάπη
και κληρονόμο τον εκήρυξα
του κόσμου που προσεχτικά
είχα κρυμένο
απ’ τους δοσίλογους

κι εκείνος έθαψε
βαθειά στον τάφο
την κληρονομιά του
κι αμέσως σοβαρά ορθός
στη πλάκα στάθηκε
κι από τα βάθη
των πνευμόνων

αιώνες τώρα μέσα
στους ίσκιους κατοικούμε
εσύ κι εγώ της μοίρας
οι απόκληροι
εσύ κι εγώ οι δυο

~IMAGES of ABSENCE, Ekstasis Editions, Victoria, BC, 2015

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Hades looked at the barren earth and

with His strong hand He spread
the brown to the right and
to the left the red bloody

hills and downward roads
leading to the sea where
sweat and salt were balanced

when for a moment He stopped
to listen to the owl’s call

hour of wisdom incarnated
lines of people He pulled from
the earth’s bottom
chthonian climax
unorthodox couplings
an expert analyser he counted
the fingers and the phalli of men
eloquent contours of women
sea caves where future

generations were destined to dwell
labyrinthine quotations
asymmetrical widths
elliptical lengths and
a saddened August

looking for naked bodies
lying on the fiery seashore


Κι ο Χάρος κοίταξε την άγονη γη

και με το στιβαρό Του χέρι έσπειρε
το καφετί προς τα δεξιά
και προς τ’ αριστερά το κόκκινο του αιμάτου

λοφίσκοι και κατηφοριές
να οδηγούν στη θάλασσα
ιδρώτας που…

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ubermensch cover


As we had almost learned the meaning of the bird’s chirp
the secret of the lion’s calling, to the heights of our primeval
gods we wished to reach, innocent blood that drenched
the virgin’s lips we kissed, lips that once we loved
to the point of grief, serious teachings upheld by stony
shoulders, guideposts we selected before we reached
the first village.
He stood on top of the hovel pitch black clouds encircled
the sky canopy, His voice but a thunder into our ears,
as though God sent, apocalypse re-enacted, the longer
you dwell in fear, He said, the longer you remain slaves.
His head was raised, as if to address someone equal to
Himself, in our veins the blood was boiling as He prepared
a new path for our clan and we had just started to understand
the meaning of this music.


Μόλις που μάθαμε…

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