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Seven of the Best Epic Poems by Female Poets

Posted: 13/06/2017 by vequinox in Literature

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The best epics by women

The IliadThe OdysseyParadise Lost – these are some of the titles that immediately spring to mind when we think of epic poetry. But this ignores the contributions made to epic poetry by women writers over the millennia. Here are seven of the best classic epic poems written by women.

Enheduanna, The Descent of Inanna. This is not just the oldest female epic; it’s the oldest work of poetry written by any named poet, male or female. Enheduanna was a Sumerian high priestess who lived in the 23rd century BC – that’s around 1,500 years before Homer. Enheduanna lived in the city of Ur (in modern-day Iraq), and was a priestess of the Sumerian moon god Nanna. This poem describes the goddess Inanna’s descent into the underworld – Inanna being the daughter of Nanna, and the Sumerian goddess of love…

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Morton Arboretum Spring

Posted: 13/06/2017 by vequinox in Literature

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I’ve mentioned the Morton Arboretum a number of times in the past on this blog; it’s an oasis of nature amid the suburban sprawl that makes up most of DuPage County, west of Chicago.  It’s the place I’ve photographed the most over the years and though I know the property quite well there’s almost always a surprise of one sort or another when I visit.

Redbud Meadow, Morton Arboretum, DuPage County, Illinois

I only had one opportunity to photograph at the Arboretum this spring–and even that single visit was truncated as the wind ultimately picked up and it began to rain.  But I had 2-3 hours on the ground before the weather turned inclement and, with the benefit of a quick drive-thru scouting session a couple of days earlier, knew right where to go.

Redbud Isolate, Morton Arboretum, DuPage County, Illinois

There are some magnificent stands of redbud in the…

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Βίκυ Παπαπροδρόμου: ό,τι πολύ αγάπησα (ποίηση, πεζογραφία & μουσική)

Θερμαίος τύραννος

«Θάρσει νεαρέ και λέγε ελεύθερα
τη γνώμη σου για την Ιστορία μου»
παρακινούσε ο Ηρόδοτος τον σκοτεινό
υπηνήτη με τα θρακιώτικα ρούχα.

Εκείνος δίσταζε. Τον καλοφαγά και
εύθυμο Ασιάτη, πώς περιφρονούσε!
Την τάση του για μυθιστορία
ενώ τον αστακό καταβρόχθιζε

δείλι στο σπίτι Θερμαίου τυράννου
σπόνσορος των τεχνών και παχυσάρκου.
Ο Θουκυδίδης ήταν διαφορετικός:
θα του έδειχνε του γέρου, αλλ’ όχι τώρα.

Την σκέψη του κατάλαβε ο ιστορικός
και αμήχανα την δαγκάνα απίθωσε
στο περγαμηνό τραπέζι. «Χόρτασα»,
είπε. «Ας φέρει κάποιος το κρασί».

Από τη συλλογή Ποιήματα που θα χαθούν στην ομίχλη (2001) του Πάνου Θεοδωρίδη

Translatum: Οι ποιητές της Θεσσαλονίκης τον 20ό αιώνα και ως σήμερα / Πάνος Θεοδωρίδης

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