What Noble Savage?

Posted: 15/12/2016 by vequinox in Literature

The Champagne Epicurean


I am as free as Nature first made man,

Ere the base laws of servitude began,

When wild in woods the noble savage ran.

            John Dryden, The Conquest of Granada

I forecast that in a civilization growing more and more tired of itself, a civilization turning more to insularity, to Trumpism and xenophobia – a backlash is coming. A backlash that will seek to reject democracy. Not in the way totalitarians deny democracy. No, it will have the scent of the spiritual, mystical. People, young people I suspect, will put aside democracy, damning it as the flawed process that has given us Trump, Brexit and might yet give us a revival of fascism in Europe.

These mostly young people will come to disagree with Churchill (there are, of course, many reasons to disagree with Churchill on many an issue) that democracy is the lesser of the evils. They…

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