Karyotakis-Polydouri//The Tragic Love Story

Posted: 13/11/2016 by vequinox in Aligizakis Manolis, Art, Greek National Literary Awards, Literature
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Εἶσαι ἄντρας. Ὅμως ὁ ἴδιος πάντα μένω·
τὰ χρόνια ποὺ περάσανε μὲ ἄφησαν
παράξενο παιδάκι γερασμένο.
Καὶ δὲν ποθῶ πιὰ τίποτε ἀδελφέ μου·
τὰ ὀνείρατα στὰ χέρια μου ἐσκορπίσαν
καὶ τά ῾δωκα, ροδόφυλλα τοῦ ἀνέμου.

Ὤ, πότε θὰ μπορέσεις νὰ ξεχάσεις
τὶς ἔγνοιες τῆς ζωῆς ποὺ σ᾿ ἐκερδίσαν
νά ῾ρθεις ἀπὸ ῾κει πέρα, νὰ περάσεις
τριγύρω μου τὸ χέρι καὶ σκυμμένος
ν᾿ ἀκούσεις ὅσα πάθη ἐγονατίσαν
αὐτὸν ποὺ τόσο σοῦ ῾ναι ἀγαπημένος;

Καλέ μου, σιγανὰ θὰ σοῦ μιλοῦσα,
θὰ σοῦ ῾λεγα πὼς ὅλοι μ᾿ ἐμισῆσαν,
πὼς ρεύοντας τὸ δρόμο μου ἐτραβοῦσα,
διωγμένος κάθε μέρα ἀπ᾿ τοὺς ἀνθρώπους,
μὴ ξέροντας ποιοὶ τόποι μ᾿ ἐκρατῆσαν,
μὴ ξέροντας σὲ ποιοὺς πηγαίνω τόπους.

Κι ὡς εἶσαι λατρεμένος ἀδελφός μου,
τὰ μάτια σου κοιτώντας ποὺ ἐδακρῦσαν,
θὰ ξεχνοῦσα τὰ βάσανα τοῦ κόσμου,
καὶ βλέποντας μακριά, κατὰ τὴ δύση,
τὰ συννεφάκια ποὺ θαμπὰ ἐχρυσίασαν
φιλώντας ἱλαρὰ τὸ κυπαρίσσι,

γιὰ μιὰ μικρὴν ἡλιολουσμένη πόλη,
γιὰ ἕνα μεγάλο σπίτι ποὺ ἐκυλήσαν
τὰ πρῶτα πρῶτα χρόνια μας καὶ οἱ βόλοι,
γιὰ τὶς χαρὲς ποὺ ἀκόμα μὲ κρατοῦνε
ἱκέτη, θὲ νὰ σοῦ ῾λεγα, μὰ ἐσβῆσαν,
γιὰ τοὺς καιροὺς ποὺ δὲ θὰ ξαναρθοῦν




You are a man. I’ve remained the same

as the years that went by left me

a strange boy who has aged

and I don’t hope for anything more, my brother

my dreams scattered from my hands

like rose-petals I’ve given to the wind.


Oh, how I wish you could forget

the concerns of life that consume you

and come over here, pass your arm

around me and leaning you’d hear

the passion that has pushed down

the one you once loved so much.


My dear brother I would tell you in a low tone

how all people have hated me

and how I ploughed along straight

going daily a little more away from them

not knowing which direction I was going

not knowing which places would hold me


and as you are my beloved brother

and when seeing your teary eyes

I would forget of all the struggles of life

and gazing far away to the western sky

the little clouds that turned golden

kissing tenderly the top of the cypress


I would seek a simple sun-flooded city

and the big house where we spent our first

years and where we played the marbles.

I’d tell you about the joys I still enjoy

about the ones that have vanished

and for the days that will never come back.


Karyotakis-Polydouri/The Tragic Love Story, Libros Libertad, 2016


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