Five Fascinating Facts about Sir Richard Burton

Posted: 08/11/2016 by vequinox in Literature

Interesting Literature

Interesting trivia about the Victorian explorer

1. Sir Richard Burton was a Victorian explorer, translator, author, spy, diplomat, poet, soldier, cartographer … the list goes on. Sir Richard Burton (1821-90) has a claim to being the most remarkable Victorian of them all. His Times obituary called him ‘one of the most remarkable men of his time’. Not only did he publish some 47 books during his own lifetime, including many studies of various cultures and tribes in Africa and Asia, but he also travelled widely around the world, and spoke nearly thirty languages. Yet his achievements were sullied by rumours surrounding his hostility towards Christianity, his interest in the sexual practices and customs of other countries, his criticisms of British imperialist practices, and the translations he undertook of racier works of literature from around the world. He was a colossally well-educated man and a ‘larger than life’ figure if ever there…

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