Is there a Greek “poetry of the crisis”?

Posted: 28/10/2016 by vequinox in Literature

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There is no such poetry. It is both inaccurate and misleading to talk about the Greek “poetry of the crisis.” It makes it sound as if today verses are complementing the news, writers are speaking like pundits, the economy generates culture, and literature is reflecting reality. Should we then start looking for the most recent collection and the youngest talent the way we seek the latest news? Obviously not. The idea of a “poetry of the crisis” is grossly unfair to the splendid multilingual, multicultural, and multimedial writing now in circulation.

There is no “poetry of the crisis.” As the anthologies pictured above make it clear, since the mid-2000s there have been three major poetic trends in Greece.
a) Poetry on the crisis. It takes the economico-political crisis as its explicit topic, denounces its causes, and laments its effects. It represents an activist and interventionist writing, with society as…

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