A Greek poetry of defiance at a time of Left intellectual refusal

Posted: 23/10/2016 by vequinox in Literature

Piano Poetry Pantelis Politics

Τhe melancholic turn of Greek poetry in the 2000s is a very interesting part of the global melancholic turn of Left thought and culture (though much less politics and media) in the 21st century, and should be discussed in this larger context. This is a turn to a post-revolutionary/post-messianic worldview, which has been appropriately defined as an immanent, immediate, intransitive, intramural, and inventive standpoint.

Intimations of communist mortality appeared in the 1990s but the trend emerged full-fledged with the new century and continues to spread. The successive burnouts of the anti-globalization protests, the student strikes, the Indignant mobilizations, and the Occupy movements have led the radical Left to a fundamental crisis as it recognizes the scale of its failures:
it lacks not only a future but even a youth interested in one;
it is unable not only to occupy but even to demonstrate;
it cannot oppose exploitation since the proletariat…

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  1. rain poet says:

    Melancholy and revolt and music.. A great piece, but don’t forget the old zembekiko singers..?


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