Kostas Karyotakis

Posted: 13/10/2016 by vequinox in Aligizakis Manolis, Canadian greek Poet, Greek Canadian Poets, Literature
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Πάρε τὰ δῶρα τῆς ψυχῆς σου νά ῾ρτεις.
Σοῦ ἑτοίμασα τὴ μαύρη κάμαρά μου.
Στὸν κῆπο μου ἀρρώστησεν ὁ Μάρτης,
καὶ ἀρρώστησεν ὁ Μάρτης στὴν καρδιά μου.

Πάρε τοῦ πόνου σου τὴ σμύρνα κι ἔλα.
Ὅλα θὲ νὰ σ᾿ ἀρέσουν· ἔχω κόψει
τὸ ρόδο, στὸ παράθυρο, ποὺ ἐγέλα
τὴν αὐστηρή μου βλέποντας τὴν ὄψη.

Πάρε ἀπαλὰ τὸν οἶχτο σου, νὰ φτάσεις,
καὶ πᾶρε τοῦ καημοῦ σου τὴ γαλήνη.
Στὰ μάτια μου τὸ χέρι θὰ περάσεις,
τὸ βραδινό μου δέος γιὰ ν᾿ ἁπαλύνει.




Take the gifts of your soul and come

I’ve prepared my black room for you

March got sick in my garden

and March got my heart sick


take the myrtle of your pain and come

you’ll like all I have; I’ve cut the rose

which bloomed by the window

and laughed seeing my austere face


take your consolation and come

and take the serenity of your grief

to pass your hand over my eyes

and soften my evening awe



Kostas Karyotakis//NEOHELLENIC POETRY—AN ANTHOLOGY, Libros Libertad, 2016


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