Karyotakis/Polydouri–The Tragic Love Story

Posted: 09/10/2016 by vequinox in Literature



Ἔμεινα, καρτερώντας σε, ὡς ποὺ τὸ ἀστέρι ἐφάνη
τῆς χαραυγῆς ψηλά.
Μὰ ἡ φλόγα τους τὰ δάκριά μου τἄχε ὅλα πιὰ ξεράνει
κι᾿ οὔτε ὁ ψυχρὸς Λυκαβηττὸς μ᾿ ἄκουσε, σιωπηλὰ
καθὼς θρηνοῦσα τὄνειρο πὤσβηνε στὴν καρδιά μου.

Ὤ, τώρα ποὺ σὲ φέρανε οἱ στιγμὲς σιμά μου, πάλι
τ᾿ ἄστρο θὰ καρτερῶ,
γιὰ νὰ τοῦ πῶ, κρατώντας τὸ δάκρι πὤχει προβάλει
στὰ μάτια μου σὰν τὴ χαρὰ θερμὸ καὶ λαμπερό,
–τον εἶχα ἀπόψε ὅλον καημὸ μέσα στὴν ἀγκαλιά μου!


I waited for you, until the stars of dawn

appeared in the firmament

their fire dried up all my tears

and the cold hill of Lycavittos didn’t hear me

when silently I cried for the dream that died in my heart.


But now that thoughts brought you back to me

I shall wait for the star again

to tell it, holding back a tear that has appeared

in my eyes, that like a joy I held you in my embrace

warm and gleaming: my complete grief



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