Karyotakis/Polydouri–The Tragic Love Story

Posted: 09/10/2016 by vequinox in Aligizakis Manolis, Greek Poets, Literature
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Οἱ Δὸν Κιχῶτες πᾶνε ὀμπρὸς καὶ βλέπουνε ὡς τὴν ἄκρη
τοῦ κονταριοῦ ποὺ ἐκρέμασαν σημαία τους τὴν Ἰδέα.
Κοντόφθαλμοι ὁραματιστές, ἕνα δὲν ἔχουν δάκρυ
γιὰ νὰ δεχτοῦν ἀνθρώπινα κάθε βρισιὰ χυδαία.

Σκοντάφτουνε στὴ Λογικὴ καὶ στὰ ραβδιὰ τῶν ἄλλων
ἀστεῖα δαρμένοι σέρνονται καταμεσὶς τοῦ δρόμου,
ὁ Σάντσος λέει «δὲ σ᾿ τὸ ῾λεγα;» μὰ ἐκεῖνοι τῶν μεγάλων
σχεδίων, ἀντάξιοι μένουνε καί: «Σάντσο, τ᾿ ἄλογό μου!»

Ἔτσι ἂν τὸ θέλει ὁ Θερβάντες, ἐγὼ τοὺς εἶδα, μέσα
στὴν μίαν ἀνάλγητη Ζωή, τοῦ Ὀνείρου τοὺς ἱππότες
ἄναντρα νὰ πεζέψουνε καί, μὲ πικρὴν ἀνέσα,
μὲ μάτια ὀγρά, τὶς χίμαιρες ν᾿ ἀπαρνηθοῦν τὶς πρῶτες.

Τοὺς εἶδα πίσω νά ῾ρθουνε — παράφρονες, ὡραῖοι
ρηγάδες ποὺ ἐπολέμησαν γι᾿ ἀνύπαρχτο βασίλειο —
καὶ σὰν πορφύρα νιώθοντας χλευαστικιά, πὼς ρέει,
τὴν ἀνοιχτὴ νὰ δείξουνε μάταιη πληγῆ στὸν ἥλιο!



Don Quixote marches ahead gazing the edge

of his spear where he hanged his vision like a flag

short sighted visionary with but one tear

to humanly accept each curse and insult.


He stumbles onto the logic and staffs of others

whipped funny and crawling mid of the road

Sancho said “I told you so” but the ones with great

plans remain calm and cry out “Sancho my horse.”


Thus if Cervantes wishes it I saw them

in their painless lives the knights of the dream

mounting their horses lamely and breathing bitterness

teary eyed ready to abandon the previous deeds


and I saw them returning — insane and beautiful

archons who fought for the inexistent kingdom

and flowing like the armour garment of the knight

their open their wound and show it to the sun




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