Intro old-school Greek music

Posted: 26/09/2016 by vequinox in Literature

Απολύτως Διαλλακτικός


It might be a valid statement in the end that once you leave your country you learn to appreciate its elements. An integral element about Greece has been the music, which I am going to gently tackle on this post. This music has been mainly part of my childhood. On all of the occasions I have attended they were playing certainly one or more of the following songs, be it school, family parties, friends’ gatherings, night life. I have made collection to give a sense of what traditional music of Rebetiko, Folk and Entechno are all about. It is undoubtedly a rich heritage for such a small country which though has been through a lot in last 120 years. I have included some -I hope- illuminating comments, links to help you understand more clearly the context and enough silly translations to resolve at least the mystery of the title of the songs…

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