Trojans by C.P.Cavafy

Posted: 16/09/2016 by vequinox in Literature

Στρατής Φάβρος - Strates Fabbros

Are our efforts, as of the poor sufferers,
are our efforts as those of the Trojans.
piece by piece we manage, piece by piece,
we gain some confidence, and we begin
to have courage and good hopes.

But there always something rises and stops us:
Achilles in the trench in front of us
leaps and in shouts big he scares us

Are our efforts like those of the Trojans.
We think that with resolution and dare
we’ll change the malice flow of chance
And out we stand to fight.

But when the big crisis arrives
the dare and the resolution of ours get lost;
our soul is shaking , paralyzes,
and around the walls we scurry
seeking in flight to find the escape.

Yet our fall is certain. Up on the walls,
already has the mourning begun
Memories of our days they cry, and sentiments
Bitterly Priam and Hecuba mourn…

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