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Waiting man.

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European Union, more militarism?

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Greek neonazi general Georgios Epitideios, ex-European Union military staff commander

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

European Union must cooperate for a stronger military fist’

Today, 20:46

EU member states should cooperate more to make a stronger military fist. That is the core of the new EU strategy in the field of security and foreign policy, which EU foreign policy chief Mogherini will publish tomorrow. …

[Dutch] Minister Koenders of Foreign Affairs shares this view.

The European Union already has, not an official European Union army, but something close to it: the European Union Military Staff. The commander of its ‘department of crisis response and current operations’ used to be Greek general Georgios Epitideios. Also in Brussels, Epiteidios was senior staff member of Nato’s Central Command.

Recently, General Epitideios came back to Brussels. This time as Member of the European Parliament for the Greek nazi party Golden Dawn. Does Mr Juncker, does…

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