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Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak was born in 1958 in  Opole, Poland.
In 2004 in search of work migrated to Great Britain, where she lives and works. She works in a hospital in Operating Theatres as auxiliary nurse. Helping people – so in short you might say. She is the mother of a broken heart. Happy grandmother and an eternal dreamer.

Emigration was a difficult choice for her because, as she says, “Life in the home country on the edge of poverty, with no chance to work. Miserable existence leading almost to madness, and suddenly opens a window to the world and invites you to reach for new possibilities. So I reach – not without fear, after a long deliberation – I reach and leaving the past behind begin to build a new life. At the heart is a longing that brings poems “.


1. How long have you been writing…

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