Iro Nikopoulou: The presents

Posted: 28/07/2016 by vequinox in Literature

Πλανόδιον - Ιστορίες Μπονζάι




Iro Nikopoulou


The presents

08-Ro-Chronica_Polonorum_PAULINE PFEIFFER pushed with difficulty the last present, for the time being, into the small closet under the stairs. She closed the door with equal difficulty and puffed breathless. She hadn’t yet got rid of the extra kilos of her pregnancy. She had already started sending her correspondences to Vanity Fair, but she did not dare go by their offices, before restoring her silhouette to how it was before. She straightened the seam in her stockings and returned smiling in the living room. The joyful sound of the doorbell kept announcing new visitors. The maid was hurrying to open the door, and was taking their hats, their coats and the presents for the newly christened Patrick and then she piled them at the back of the living room. The next day, when Pauline began opening the presents, a strange surprise awaited. Almost…

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