The Rest of the (Musical) Story

Posted: 28/12/2015 by vequinox in Literature

Good Music Speaks

Music and the movies go together like butter and popcorn.  I have to admit I was first inspired to learn the trumpet after hearing the soundtrack in the movie Star Wars.  

I have a grandson who is currently obsessed with the Indiana Jones movie series.  Well, at least two minutes at a time of the movie.  He is 3 years old and only sits still for about two minutes.  Not long enough to get to any of the scary parts, but long enough to have learned the theme to the Indiana Jones movies.

Here is a picture of the young lad in his Indiana Jones fedora hat, belt, and a Spiderman shirt.


Notice his Indiana Jones “whip” tucked in his belt that one of his grandmothers made him from a lint roller and strip of fabric.  He runs around the house asking me to sing the “Indy” song.


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