The underground bunker

Posted: 14/12/2015 by vequinox in Literature

Emily's thoughts

bombo shelter

              He walked hurriedly and closed the door behind him. The atmosphere was stuffy, as if the oxygen that existed had ceded its place in fear. He blinked to adapt his vision at the twilight which prevailed. He walked a few more steps inside and looked around.

                The shelter was a long corridor around 500 meters, and a width of three to four meters. In the background there was a ramification to the left. It looked like a burrow. The walls were consisted of cold, grey concrete and steel. Τhere were no windows, only something like grates on the ceiling, which served as air vents. The only link to the outside world was the door by which he had entered a little while before.

                He watched hundreds of people, of all ages, crammed next to each other. Mothers with eyes full of despair, holding their babies in their…

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