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Now we want to put our hands in our armpits
to look whether a star gleams in the sky
to remember that face
against the opening of the door
but we can’t remember
we have no time to remember
we don’t have time but to stand tall
and to die.


Τώρα λέμε να βάλουμε τα χέρια στις μασκάλες
να κοιτάξουμε αν είναι καν’ αστέρι στον ουρανό
να θυμηθούμε κείνο το πρόσωπο
ακουμπισμένο στο κούφωμα της πόρτας
μα δε μπορούμε να θυμηθούμε
δεν έχουμε καιρό να θυμηθούμε
δεν έχουμε καιρό παρά να σταθούμε όρθιοι
και να πεθάνουμε.

~SIMPLE TALK, by Tasos Livaditis, translated by Manolis Aligizakis
~Τάσου Λειβαδίτη, ΑΠΛΗ ΚΟΥΒΕΝΤΑ, μετάφραση Μανώλη Αλυγιζάκη

Georgia Trouli, Counting backwards

Posted: 21/08/2015 by vequinox in Literature

To Koskino


To stumble over two or three accompanying pages
To withdraw uncertain
And the thorny kisses to be stuck in your hands
And with these make a closely-knit knitwear of sand
And with this count time grain by grain of insignificance
And with it rinse your fingers and exorcise anew two thoughts resting on the spine
And with these create feelings devoid of logical sequence ⎯ only an endocrine gland
And from there excrete the last smooth interrogation all curve
And with it place packing paper and little by little induce sharp whistles
And with these make corners to bury flights
And delusions

And the accompanying pages
Now creased by the foregoing
Unroll these too little by little
And with a murmuring flambeau begin
To be irresolute apropos the meaning
And time turning like counting backwards
From a hundred down
And with it come to the dot
And with this dot…

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