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Morning Wake Up

My love,

I can endure everything away from you. One I can’t: waking up
next to your vacant pillow.

It’s hard to get used to coming back home alone at night but the
morning wake up is unbearable.

I’m truthful to you I open my eyes and shut them right away. I
don’t want to wake up. I can’t endure to stretch my arm on the
empty side of the bed.

The bathroom misses the sounds of you shaving and the
fragrance of your after shave.

I cover myself to the head with the bed coverings and wish light
wouldn’t come, time won’t come when I’ll have to go down to the
kitchen to make coffee.

In the morning!

The breakfast I prepared for you and the coffee we had together.
When I took you to the garage door and kissed you good

When I looked at you as you drove the car away.

The day that has no reason to commence, no expectation for
your return at night.

Every day from now on.

Day after day until I get used to it.
~Tzoutzi Matzourani, translated by Manolis Aligizakis, Libros Libertad, Vancouver, BC, 2015